Where in the world is Kai?

Here is the easiest way to keep track of where the hell in the world that I’ve been to since I’ve quit my job. You can also look at future places I’ll be in to and some highlights during my time there.
If you see that I’m around in a certain area let me know we can meet up or if you are thinking of travelling to a place I’ve been to I can offer you some tricks and tips or a general idea of what the place is like.
Chiang Mai, Thailand- 2nd September- 13 September- 11 days
  • Arrived in Chiang Mai and settled into my new place.
  • Meet a good group of entrepreneurs at Punspace (picture) that helped inspire me to follow in their footsteps.
  • Trained at Crossfit Chiang Mai


 Phuket, Thailand- 13 September – 18 September- 5 days
  • Caught up with Jonathan and Ron
  •  Trained Muay Thai (picture) at Dragon Muay Thai and AKA Thailand
Muay Thai
Chiang Mai, Thailand- 18th September  to  21st November 64 days
  • Started my journey as a entrepreneur
  • Attended the Dropship Lifestyle Retreat (picture)
  • Attended Yi Peng (Floating Lantern) Festival
 Hong Kong- November 21 to 1st December- 10 days
  • Attended my cousin Katy’s wedding (picture) and caught up with family I haven’t seen in 4 years.
  • Made my first dollar online.
  • Meet up with Sunny, Shinji and Jennifer.


Katy Wedding
Chiang Mai, Thailand- 1st December -20th January- 50 days
  • Business is doing well enough for me to continue travel indefinitely.
  • Hired my first employee.


Online business
Krabi, Thailand- 20th January to 27th January- 7 days 
  • Took a week off from work to unwind.
  • Caught up with a Cheri
  • Did some rock climbing, snorkelling, deep sea diving, hiking and kayaking.
  • Hopped around (Krabi, Ao Nang, Railay, Tonsai (picture) and Koh Lanta)


Las Vegas, USA- 27th January- 9th February- 13 days
  • Amazing Selling Machine Conference where I saw Sir Richard Branson (picture) and Robert Kiyosaki.
  • Vegas Shows: UFC 183 Diaz vs Silva, Criss Angel: Mindfreak, Tournament of Kings
  •  Hanged out with Thomas
  •  Went to Heart Attack Grill





Austin, USA- Feb 9th- Feb 25th- 16 days 

  • Went to check out the entrepreneur scene in Austin
  • Meet up with Michael and Derek
  • Went to Alice Cooper Gig, Gruene Hall, Barton Springs, Broken Spoke
  • Trained boxing at Fight Pit Austin
  • Put on my first pair of Cowboy Boots (picture)


Cowboy boots
Silicon Valley, USA- 25th Feb- 2nd March- 5 days
  • Spend time with Uncle Hermes and Auntie Mandie
  • Checked out Santa Cruz (picture)
  • Hiked up Saratoga
  • Got to ride inside a Tesla Model S


Santa Cruz
Auckland, New Zealand- 2nd March- 16th March- 14 days
  • Attended Irene and Eugene’s wedding (picture)
  • Caught up with friends and parents
  • Trained Boxing at Boxing Central


Phuket, Thailand -16th March- 16th April 
  • Trained Muay Thai at Phuket Top Team (picture)
  • Meet up with Russell, Navid, Simon, Fergal, Vic, Musa,
  • Went sailing for the first time with James
  • Attended my first Songkran Festival


LA, USA, 16th April- 17th April- 1 day
  • Caught up with Simon and Chico in Koreatown
  • Spent time at Venice Beach (picture)


Austin, USA- 17th April- 29th April- 13 days
  • Attended Business Workshop with Ryan Moran
  • Did Indoor Skydiving
  • Caught up with Derek and Michael
  • Attended Paleo Fx, Eeyore’s Birthday (picture) and The Kooks Concert
Phoenix, USA- 29th April- 7th May- 8 days
  • Caught up with Ernesto
  • Hiked and went on 4v4 Jeep Tour through Sedona (picture)
  • Hiked up Camelback Mountain
  • Attended a Mexican Party for the Mayweather vs Pacquaio Fight


Manila, Philippines -8th May- 18th May- 10 days
  • Went to UFC Manila (Picture), first time its in the Phillipines
  • Hanging out with Ocean
  • First time at a Japanese Bath House
  • Trained boxing and Muay Thai at Elorde Boxing Gym


Singapore – 18th May- 29th May- 11 days
  • Catching up (pictured) with Jonathan, Karishma, Anson, Mohamed and Tina
  • Started doing Hot Yoga again
  • Trained Muay Thai and Boxing at Juggernaut MMA and sparred with a Singapore National Boxing Member


Remote Year 

Prague, Czech Republic-  29th May- June 27th 2015
Ljubljana, Slovenia- 27th June – 1st August 2015
(Current Location)

Cavtat, Croatia- 1st August- 29th August 2015

  • Istanbul, Turkey- 29th August- 2nd October 2015
  • Penang, Malaysia- 3rd October- 31 October 2015
  • Koh Tao, Thailand- 31 October- 28th November 2015
  • Hanoi, Vietnam- 28th November- 2nd January 2016
  • Kyoto, Japan- 2nd January- 30th January 2016
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina- 30th January- 5th March 2016
  • Mendoza, Argentina- 5th March- 2nd April 2016
  • Santiago, Chile- 2nd April- 30th April 2016
  • Lima, Peru- 30th April- 28th May 2016

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