After 25….Kai Learns to Ride a Bike – Part 1


Your probably thinking….Kai doesn’t know how to ride a bike? Your surprised? I don’t blame you. Yes, me of all people. Up until recently, I haven’t been able to do something that 99% of the world has the ability to do.
It only took 25 years on the planet to finally muster up the courage to finally learn. This is a tale of a perfectly healthy 25 year old male who would finally feel the wind through his hair pedaling a machine with two wheels.

Wait….why did you never learn?

That’s a great question! I’ll explain. Since moving to NZ from the tender of age one, my family moved to a farm in West Auckland. The main road we lived on was very narrow with no footpaths so there was little room to ride a bike in the first place. I wasn’t allowed to walk to school, let alone ride a bike to school.
We were never a biking family. We didn’t own any bikes. Coming from Hong Kong, people just don’t ride bikes as a main form of transportation. Cars, buses, taxis and subways were the main sources of transportation not to mention there so many DAMN people crammed into this small area. There was little to no room to bike in the first place. My mum learned while she was growing up but largely forgot and my Dad having grown up in big crowded cities just never had the opportunity. A clear case of like father like son.
 Middle school through to high school we moved to an apartment building in the heart of the Auckland city for me to get better education. I went from having my own room living on a farm to sharing a room with my brother. Auckland’s infrastructure until recently wasn’t so bike friendly it was always easier to just walk or bus to school.
Oddly enough I don’t recall being situation where I was peer pressured to learn growing up. No friend asking me if I wanted to bike around with them. I guess….I didn’t have a lot of biking friends growing up. I’m sure my friends owned bikes but it didn’t seem like they were riding around with them very often. I’ve never had that nagging social pressure up until recently being here in Slovenia where there  is such a rich biking culture.
 I’ll keep this post short and sweet. There will be a part two where I’ll discuss why I finally forced myself to learn, how I finally learned and where I am today with riding.

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