The Little Escape to Poland: Remote Year Prague Getaway

Pre-trip Thoughts
Recently I took a break from Prague and decided to visit a friend in Poland. Its been 6 years since we last met. We both were on an internship together teaching English to school children in Indonesia. For only $150 USD return and a short flight. I thought it would be tragic if I didn’t take up to opportunity.
I had little information on Poland apart from views from friends. The consensus was that Polish women were beautiful, it was a cheap place to hang out and it gets cold as hell during winter. Luckily I was visiting in Summer where the people will more chilled out and happy. I was super excited and didn’t know what to expect with my friend living in a random place I’ve never heard of outside of the Poznan the 3rd largest city in Poland.
The Simple Life
Every time I go to a new country I try and blend in. I like seeing how the other side lives. What is a normal day to day life for one of my friends or a local living in this country? Getting a taste of what a normal day looks like in their shoes.
Its been a while since I visited the countryside. A breath of fresh air getting away from the hustle and bustle of regular city. The town which my friend was living in was called Jarocin (Pronounced Yaaa row Shin sounded out in English). With only 30,000 people it was really one of those places where every one knew everyone and everyone knew everything about everyone. My friend was living with her parents on a half acre block just outside of town.
Upon arriving I was greeted with a smile, welcomed into their home and a nice home-cooked meal. I can’t remember the last time I visited someone family home. That loving environment that is a family home, you get the feeling about the sense of history, memories, people’s most worldly possessions, the adorable pets and the beautiful lush garden all under one piece property. I came in as a guest and felt like I was part of the family. The long last asian son. That sense of excitement someones mum gets when you try her food for the first time. Her excitement is matched with my enthusiasm for Polish food especially a home cooked one. Its been a while since I’ve been invited to eat at someones home. A generous portion of Pork Schnitzel, pickled cabbage and potatoes topped off with some freshly made garlic sauce.
Being out in the country I wanted to absorb more of the environment and unplug from the computer for a couple of days. I took part in my friends yoga class, played basketball in the yard, walked the dog around the forrest, helped out at my friends cafe, went to the local rock museum, checked out the local markets, picked out fruit from the garden and so much more. I really crammed up a lot things in those 4 days. I’m really grateful I had the opportunity to go to Poland for a little visit.
Timing was right
I came at a perfect time in Poland as it was summer time. 3 months of fun where every was happy. The sunsets at 9pm every day during summer which was great however as the locals constantly remind me its not always like this. 9 months of the year its cold, wet and miserable. A clear case of right place and right time.
It boggles my mind that its been 6 years since the last time I hung out with this person. A sign of a great friendship is when you get along with them like it was yesterday. We pretty much picked up where we left off. I’m really grateful for the many friends I have that I share this bond with. This feeling that really never goes away regardless of how much time passes and no matter where you are in the world.
Will I be back in Poland?
I sure hope so. I had such a good time there and it really exceeded my expectations with so much more to see and explore. However I’ll definitely go back during the summer those harsh winters sound like something I definitely want to avoid. If I’m in Europe again some time in the future I’ll definitely drop by again. I can only hope another 6 years doesn’t go by again without another visit.

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