Digital Nomads Guide to working in Hong Kong

As a digital nomad (also known location independent worker) our needs our relatively simple to get work done. Go to a place with decent coffee,wifi, chairs, desk and a little peace and quiet and we can work away. Here are the 3 options I found and I'll recommend the most ideal option.

1. Coffee Shops/Restaurants

Finding a free wifi spots in Hong Kong can be problematic if you don’t know where to look. Starbucks, McDonalds and a few coffee shops offer this service. On the plus side they are relatively easy to find and there are many available.
The cons
  •     Wifi is shared amongst people which reduces the speed, more often than not it will be slow.
  •      The noise, these places are busy with people going in and out. They aren’t there to work, they there to get lunch, grab their coffee and run out there. Unless you have some nice noise canceling headphones it might drive you nuts.
  •      The price- the cost of living purchasing coffee and food can vary but due to the living costs it can set you back.
  •      Power plugs- virtually non-existent so charge up before you go.

2. Public Libraries

There are a couple of good public libraries located all over Hong Kong. The main advantage of them is that they have free wifi and its decent. Funny enough I found most people there weren’t using their laptops so the internet was pretty quick. Its a library so it will be nice and quiet. You can’t eat or drink there being a library. Power plugs are available but can be a little tricky to find.

3. Business Lounge

Get a regus membership. Regus have office spaces located all over Hong Kong with over 10 locations. The location of these offices are super easy to get to as they are near all major transportation links. The wifi is super fast, they have hot desks or booths available on a first come first serve basis, free tea, coffee and water with membership. These are major office building as well with amazing views. This was the best option in my opinion. Make sure you have email for your confirmation of your membership upon arrival. In Hong Kong they have reception desks at office buildings, you’ll need to get an access pass before entering the elevators. Simply go up to the counter and state where you are visiting with some proof, give them a contact number and you’ll get a lanyard stating you are a visitor.
I’ll explain below two options on how you can get access to it.

     1. Getting a tripit Pro membership

This is the option I went with. If you sign up with tripit pro for $49 USD for the year you get a free Regus Blue Membership. What is included is 15 free visits to any Regus office that has a business lounge. There are 2000 different locations so you could utilize this anywhere in the world. So thats around $3.3 per visit. You can drink all the free tea and coffee to make your money back in no time.

     2. Sign up for Regus Gold Membership

If you travel around a lot and need a good place to get work done in a major city this would be a good option. The rate for Hong Kong was around $190 HKD for a month. Average that over 30 days and thats only $6.33. You’d be hard pressed to go to an internet cafe for that long. Again you can get your money back by drinking all the tea and coffee your heart desires. I forgot to mention the free Mentos!
I’d opt for this option when my 10 passes run out. If there is a drawback it is that the offices are only open Monday to Friday between 9 to 6pm. So you can’t work outside of these hours. If you do require wifi 24/7 get a data plan on your smartphone. They have relatively short term options for both unlimited 3G and 4G as sim cards are easy to get and the pricing is fair.
Hope this helps anyway looking to get some work done in Hong Kong. I didn't see many digital nomad types utilizing the services. The people seemed like businessmen passing by for a conference or on a typical business trip. It would be good to see more location independent entrepreneurs.

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  1. Kane says:

    My vision is to be a digital nomad working in hong kong, right now I live in a small rural in 3 city in northern canada, 2 years from now Im gonna read these words I wrote as Im working from my laptop in cafe in hong kong 🙂

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